The EMF Home Protection Solution

Our bodies are not prepared or resilient enough to be constantly under stress by man-made frequencies.  For now, the best way to protect yourself is to reduce exposure by shielding your home, specifically your bedroom.

We are equipped with the industry’s leading instruments, non-toxic & eco friendly materials, along with honest and professional service to mitigate the stress imposed on your body by all harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation.

Our Process & The Problems We Address

First, our EMF inspection process consists of a detailed and in-depth evaluation of your property. We look for all EMF stressors and provide you with a report suggesting solutions that will result in a healthier environment.

Second, our team provides a list of solutions that can be done yourself or by our specialists so you can start feeling the benefits of reduced EMF right away!

  • EMF Protection & shielding

    High Frequency Radiation (Radio Frequency and Microwaves)

    Radio Frequency (RF) fields are high frequencies emitted from wireless systems such as cell towers, Wi-Fi routers and cell phones. The number of wireless devices we use is dramatically increasing and so is our unnecessary exposure to them.

    With over 20,000 studies performed on RF radiation with majority of them showing a negative impact on health, its reasonable to limit exposure as much as possible. Let us show you how accomplishing this will dramatically improve your indoor environment and health.

  • Electric Fields

    Electric fields are created by voltage present in the electrical system, extending about 6ft from building wiring or ungrounded power cords. A current flow is not necessary to create an electric field which means a device does not have to be turned on. Electric fields can usually be eliminated or shielded.

  • Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

    Electromagnetic fields arise from the flow of current and exist relative to usage of electricity. The greater the current flow, the stronger the magnetic field. Typical sources are power lines (underground and above), transformers, electric appliances and building wiring. Long-term exposure to these fields have shown to have severely adverse health effects.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Experts Chicago

    Dirty Electricity

    Dirty electricity, or high-frequency voltage transients (HFVT) is electromagnetic energy flowing along a conductor that deviates from a pure 50/60 Hz sine wave creating spikes and surges. These inconsistencies in power flow reduce the life of electronic devices and produce stress response to human body.

    We have solutions that allow us to reduce dirty electricity spikes that harmonize your home or business’s wiring systems. The devices we use minimize HFVT exposure, allowing you to keep yourself and loved ones safe from numerous health hazards.

  • Electromagnetic Shielding Chicago

    Wiring Mistakes in Electrical Systems

    Part of our assessment is measuring entire electrical systems to see if existing electrical connections give off extensive magnetic fields. These are usually created by improperly wired electrical switch boxes and correcting those mistakes eliminates this harmful magnetic field.

  • Water Supply Line Testing for Ground Current

    One of the main sources of EMF in homes and commercial properties are the water supply lines. This occurs when the neutral current channels into the grounding system or metallic plumbing. This is commonly known as ground current which emits high magnetic fields anywhere a plumbing pipe runs inside a house.


  • Geopathic Stress

    Abnormal frequencies caused by underground Hartmann and Curry grid lines as well as water veins and rock shifts emanate from earth.  Like man made electromagnetic fields this low level disturbance has been linked to various cancers, insomnia and being therapy resistant.

  • Artificial Lighting

    Flickering light and blue light can cause excessive strain on the eyes and throw off your circadian rhythm.  Harsh lighting will be identified and recommendations made on what to replace with if needed.

EMF Blocker Chicago IL

Remediation Services

Changing lives, reducing anxiety, and addressing your stress by:

  • Complete shielding of homes from EMF radiation for optimal health restoration
  • Shielding sleeping areas with non-toxic graphite paints for true restorative sleep
  • Installation of made to order RF shielding window curtains and window film.
  • Identifying and eliminating magnetic fields caused by poor electrical wiring
  • Installing whole house dirty electricity harmonizers and remote breaker shut-offs
  • Hardwiring internet, security cameras, and other “smart” devices to eliminate WiFi RF exposure
  • Eliminating ground current from plumbing systems.
  • Providing easy DYI solutions and protocols to keep EMF to the minimum for the rest of your life!
  • Assessment and shielding solutions for businesses and schools to increase attendance and productivity
  • Pre-purchase real estate home EMF inspections – be certain your big investment won’t compromise your health