Shield Your Home, Protect Your Health

“Our mission is to create a safe home environment, where you can truly advance your physical and mental health”

The impassioned words come directly from EMFHP founders who are devoted to the cause of creating and sustaining healthy home environments. As seasoned developers with over 15 years’ worth of experience in the real estate development industry, they found themselves facing adverse side effects from Electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

In their search for a solution, they met in Austria with world-leading EMF experts. Their trip proved to yield valuable insights & strategies on how to combat the continually growing epidemic of electromagnetic frequency exposure issue. From that moment, it was clear their mission had evolved from simply wanting to solve their own problem, to investing their time towards educating and saving others from experiencing the same difficulties that often go overlooked.

During a time when we are at home more often than ever, we should be extremely conscious of what impactful energies are surrounding us. We are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation at unprecedented levels from everyday items we may not even initially realize are harmful.

EMFs can include microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, computers & cell phones, and many more household electronics. Negative side effects from high levels of EMF include but are not limited to: depression & anxiety, fatigue & exhaustion, migraine headaches, damaged immune system and disrupted sleep cycle

These side effects indicate why it is so vitally important to create a safe environment in your household, especially in your bedroom, where your body is attempting to regenerate itself every night from the daily exposure to radiation. 

In addition to standard items that give off EMFs, we must also be wary of incoming 5G technology that will employ millimeter waves, which can have adverse physiological effects on the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular system. 

Research surrounding the impact of 5g technology also suggests that long- term exposure may pose health risks to the skin, the eyes, and sterility. The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have both gone on record, suggesting possible links between EMFs and cancer found in humans.

Now, while this all may sound pretty scary, there is a bright side. Despite the negative bombardment of electromagnetic energy, you can shield your home and protect yourself from EMFs. 

The preventative services EMFHP provides can protect your home from electromagnetic waves. The unique shielding capabilities help your body to heal and recover.

How do they do it? Well, without getting too technical, they use efficient and effective methods such as shielding paints, window film, fabrics & mesh, as well as breaker shut-offs and electricity filters that can make sure your home is protected from outside radiation and any dirty electricity in your home is removed.

Through their assessments, EMFHP professionals will be able to identify, fix, and shield your home from harmful electromagnetic fields. Shield your home and protect your health by taking action today. Schedule an appointment to create an environment conducive to your health and wellness.  

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