5G Regulation, Safety & Protection

A Quick Guide To 5G Regulation & It’s Effects On The Body

How is 5G Regulated?
There are different approaches to 5G regulation in different parts of the world. In the United States, 5G is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)– in just the same way as 4G, and all wireless devices since the 1990s have been. In terms of human health the FCC only cares about the ‘thermal effect’. In other words, if a 5G device doesn’t burn you, it’s ok to sell to you

How is 5G Regulated Around the World?
While the federal government isn’t treating 5G any differently than older network technology, regionally the situation is different. And around the world, other governments are taking action, as well. As one example, the government of Brussels (the capital of Belgium) indefinitely ceased the rollout of 5G when the wireless companies could not say how much radiation people were exposed to. And there are dozens of municipalities and governments around the world that have suspended or restricted the 5G rollout, or initiated investigations and research to begin that process.

What are the Health Risks?
Traditionally, the wireless industry rolls out new technology without performing studies into the long-term health impact. This was the case with the first cell phones, wifi, 4G– and now we see it’s the case again with 5G. This is why cell phones are referred to as “the largest biological experiment ever” by Dr. Leif Salford – and many agree.

Despite the absence of studies into the long-term health effects of 5G, Dr. Joel Moskowitz from UC Berkeley School of Public Health has explained, “we have no reason to believe that 5G is safe.” And it’s possible to make some educated guesses based on what we already know about the negative health effects of EMF exposure from prior generations of wireless technology.

EMF Health Effects
EMF exposure from devices like cell phones has been linked to a wide range of negative health effects in humans, including cancer, infertility, sleep disruption and leakage of the blood brain barrier. 5G will mean we are exposed to more sources of higher frequencies of EMF more frequently. More devices sending more data, means a vast increase in human exposure to EMF.

Skin Amplifies Risk
5G health risks may be amplified because of how, according to one study, 5G EMF radiation interacts with the human body. The study lead by Dr. Yuri D Feldman at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that human sweat ducts act as an array of tiny, helix-shaped antennas when exposed to millimeter waves. The findings suggest that human skin not only absorbs but actually amplifies the radiation from millimeter wave networks.


How to Take Control

Step 1: Learn about 5G. Learn as much as you can about 5G and how it is being rolled out near you.  The more you know, the more educated you will be about what 5G is and what you can do about it.
Step 2: Contact Local Officials. — like your mayor, city council, and your county council – to express your opposition and learn more about the status of the 5G rollout in your area. This is the best way to oppose the rollout of 5G is on the local level.
Step 3: Share What You Learn. As you learn more about 5G, and how it is being rolled out in your region, share what you learn with friends, family and colleagues. Odds are increasingly that they have heard some concerning things about 5G already, but don’t really understand the issues like you do. So don’t brow beat them; instead, let them know what this technology is, what it can do to them and their loved ones, and what they can do about it.
Step 4: Boycott 5G Products. As more and more devices come out with 5G connections and capabilities, object by not buying them. And get others on-board. The fewer people that buy 5G devices, the slower it will rollout. So vote with your wallet. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this tactic can be.
Step 5: Protect Your Home & Your Family.  EMFHP is specialized in making your home safe for you and your family. Their ability to hard-wire your home, apply special paint, correct wiring mistakes, and shield your home from harmful 5G millimeter waves means your home will be safe again. Your immune system, sleep schedule, anxiety, and overall health will be positively affected once your home is shielded from harmful electromagnetic frequencies and your body can truly begin to regenerate.


Additional Antidotes:
As with any pollutant, the absolute best protection is to reduce your exposure to the pollutant in the first place. In this case, that means reducing your exposure to 5G-emitting technology. And there are two simple rules to accomplish that goal. MINIMIZE your use of 5G-generating technologies. MAXIMIZE the distance between your body, and the 5G generating technologies, when they are in use.

Don’t sleep with your phone. Many studies show that sleeping with your phone can significantly disrupt your sleep. In addition to that, if you sleep with your phone, you’re being exposed to cell phone radiation all night long– when you’re not even using the phone. So don’t bring it to bed, or turn it into airplane mode if you do. Since we all sleep for about 6-8 hours per day, that’ll cut your exposure to your phone’s 5G radiation by 25-30%! Put your phone into airplane mode. Airplane mode on your phone was originally created for when you are flying in a plane, but obviously you don’t need to fly to use it. And when your phone is in airplane mode, you’ve virtually eliminated its EMF radiation. That’s right! So when you don’t need to make or receive calls and texts, turn on airplane mode.


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