EMF and Your Immune System

Your immune system is  collection of structures and processes within the body — is designed to protect against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies and to patrol your body, actively seeking foreign microbes (i.e. bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi). If your body’s immune system finds something unrecognizable, a healthy immune system will immediately launch an attack in an attempt to neutralize the foreign objects with antibodies and expel the toxins from your body.

Scientists have found that prolonged exposure to EMF from every day technology like your cell phone and your microwave oven disturbs your immunity pattern. This can make it respond in different ways than it should.

A properly functioning immune system is tuned to respond appropriately but EMF exposure can throw your body’s immune system out of tune. The immune system loses its ability to judge between the safe cells and microbes that are harmful. This means it can over-react to some threats, and under-react to others.

If your immune system under-reacts to a threat, that means you’re dealing with a suppressed immune system and it will not respond with the appropriate force to threats it should detect and fight. This can lead to more frequent and severe colds, illnesses, as well as an increased time until full recovery.

However, sometimes the body reacts to EMF exposure by over-reacting – responding with more force than is necessary to a threat, and sometimes even responding to something as a threat, when no threat to your health is present. This can make the immune system attack your healthy cells because everything is a threat in its impaired judgment. This leads to increased allergies (reacting to external objects that aren’t actually a threat) and autoimmune problems (when your body attacks itself).

EMF and Immunosuppression

Immunosuppression is the suppression of your immune system. When it happens, your immune system isn’t as strong as it should be, and your body’s systems do not respond to threats to your health with sufficient vigor or strength.

Now, sometimes we want immunosuppression. For instance, it is part of how we treat cancer. A healthy immune system doesn’t allow certain medicines to work on cancer patients. So doctors give these patients immunosuppressive drugs. Doctors give patients these drugs to weaken their immune systems, so they do not fight the medicine.

Now, that’s a very specific example. And in general, we don’t want our immune system to be suppressed. But we bring up the cancer example, because researchers have found that EMF radiation shows similar traits as these immunosuppressive drugs.

In a healthy person, immunosuppression exposes the body to threats from various diseases. These are diseases that, when your body is working properly, would be able to fight and fend off and heal from. When your body’s immune system is impaired, your body may not have the ability to defeat the disease, or it may take longer to recover.

EMF and Autoimmune Function

Another way in which your immune system can malfunction from EMF exposure is when it reacts to stimuli that it should not; a condition we call autoimmunity.

Autoimmunity is a medical condition that makes your body attack its own cells and tissues. And there are several studies in which researchers found a correlation between exposure to EMF radiation and autoimmune diseases.

Obviously, we do not want our immune system fighting your own body. That situation is very self-destructive and causes an array of health problems.

Under normal circumstances, a well-functioning immune system can normally tell the difference between foreign cells and your body’s own cells. It knows only to attack foreign entities, and not your own body. However, the exposure to EMF impairs the immune system’s decision-making ability to a point where it may even begin attacking your skin and joints.

Whenever the immune system detects a foreign element, it launches a protein called antibodies. These antibodies are there to destroy the foreign element, and as there is no foreign element to destroy, it ends up attacking your own body.

EMF Can Supercharge Disease

Exposure to EMF can have many negative impacts on your body’s immune system, negatively impacting your health. In other words, EMF exposure can make you more vulnerable to disease by making your body weaker. Microbes multiples faster, and grows more virulent and stronger when they’re exposed to EMF, boosting the power of the disease itself.

And one example of that is with lyme disease. 

  • Neck stiffness and headaches
  • (Erythema multiforme) EM rashes on other areas of the body
  • Loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of the face
  • Severe Joint pain and swelling on the knees and other large joints.
  • Intermittent pain in Joints, muscles, tendons, and bones
  • Irregular heartbeat (Added beat or skipped beat)
  • Shortness of breath or Episode of dizziness
  • Inflammation of the spinal cord and the brain
  • Nerve pain

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghard, one of the main contributors to the rise of Lyme disease is electromagnetic pollution.

He said,

“I personally suspect that the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home and the microwaves from cell phone radiation are driving the virulence of many of the microbes that are naturally in us and makes them aggressive and illness producing.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghard

In summation, we already have a multitude of peer reviewed resources that demonstrate how electromagnetic frequencies can negatively impact your body and cause your immune system to be confused and attack itself, completely miss pathogens, or respond too aggressively and cause harm to your body in the short and long term.

If you want to give your body the opportunity it needs to recover and regenerate from daily exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation, inquire on our contact us page to set up an evaluation so you can see how dirty electricity, poor wiring, powerful appliances, and outside cell towers are intruding into your home and negatively affecting your mind and body.


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