After experiencing negative effects of EMF first hand through property development in Chicago neighborhoods, we started an investigation to learn about the types of radiation as well as its effects on our health. We traveled to Austria to consult and learn from the world’s leader in clinically based radiation protection. We never stopped expanding our knowledge and are now providing the most leading edge solutions to this ever-growing man-made electromagnetic radiation epidemic.

The good news is that we are able to shield most EMF’s which will help your body heal and recover from everyday stresses, especially during sleep.

Based on our assessment we will provide a comprehensive report and strategy to reduce or eliminate EMF’s completely. We want you to learn along as we measure, check and analyze your home so that you’re aware of which stressors are affecting you the most. We use state of the art equipment that measures your body’s level of EMF absorption which presents a directly correlated impact on your health. Our pride is in quality of measurement devices, shielding materials and workmanship. Through our experience with chemically sensitive clients, we only use non-toxic and eco friendly products that will advance your health and resilience even more.

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Emf Shield Chicago

Are You Ready To Protect Your Health?

We are exposed to levels of electromagnetic radiation unseen in history and it’s getting worse with each day.

This is why it is so important to create a safe environment at home, especially the sleeping areas when your body regenerates itself from the daily exposure to toxins and radiation.

Our ultimate goal is to lessen the exposure to those that are already suffering and to those who want to be protected. It is our privilege to assist you with this important piece of moving your health and wellbeing in the right direction.